“We’re Sorry” Workshops

The “We’re Sorry” project (working title) is a verbatim theatre piece examining the Christian Church, and it’s foibles, quirks, mistakes, community, love, atrocities…

Interviews were given by Christians, ex-Christians, and innocent bystanders, addressing questions like “What are your best and worst memories of the Church?” “Do you think the Church is relevant to Canadian society?” “Do you think the Church has done anything wrong?” and “Do you think corporate apology is useful?” Answers have ranged from “the Church is the root of all evil” to “the Church is the root of all good”, and the jury is still out on which of those answers is the most controversial.

So now with 30+ hours of interviews, the next course of action is to workshop a script exploring the struggling Christian culture and the human need for spiritual connection, (with a little bit of song and dance thrown in!). The goal is a raucous cabaret-style, reverently irreverent, high-energy piece of documentary theatre, in which the actors will empathetically embody interviewees to present different points of view. During the workshops we will work with poignant excerpts from interviews and experiment with various combinations of them, mixing and remixing, and allowing for actors’ personal experience and response to inform the piece.

Megan Piercey Monafu (Project Creator and 9th Hour Theatre Company artistic associate)