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The Pulse of God In Me

READ A FEATURED ARTICLE by Andre Gagne in Ottawa Life Magazine.

“What is good about 9th Hour Theatre Company is their unflinching courage to tackle bold and often sensitive subjects. What is great about them is their consistently challenging and artistic story telling that manages to hold up a mirror to its audience, no matter the topic… George Dutch’s dramaturgy combined with the direction of Jonathan Harris produce nothing short of magic… The whole project is clearly the product of dedicated team work. The connection between actors is so real that it seems more like a glimpse into a private world than scenes at the stage.” ~Capital Critics Circle

READ THE FULL REVIEW by Rajka Stefanovska of the Capital Critics Circle.

“Prodigal Son tackles a topic that is new to 9th Hour and one that is rarely, to my knowledge, addressed on stage… Harris’s direction is rock-solid, but there is one point in the play that had me holding my breath. He manages to portray Young Peter’s ecstatic spiritual experience as totally believable. I’ve never seen this done successfully on stage… it does make you think, no matter where you stand on theology. And my atheist husband enjoys their plays as much as I, a Catholic, do. Looking for thoughtful and polished theatre? Then see Prodigal Son! I’m looking forward to 9th Hour’s next production.” ~Apartment 613

READ THE FULL REVIEW by Barbara Popel of Apartment 613.


“9th Hour Theatre Company did an amazing job with Prodigal Son – I saw it on Sat night and I was blown away. Such a powerful story, and the actors were unreal. Hopefully I’ll get to see more from 9th Hour.”

“Wow! Prodigal Son was a very powerful and moving production. Bravo to all involved.”

Prodigal Son – Artistic Director Message

I Make The World


9th Hour Theatre Company has a mandate to engage theatre in order to explore, examine, and express questions, ideas, and stories relating to faith. With an ensemble approach to telling stories, we strive to challenge ourselves and audiences with the big questions raised from our art, and seek to unpack the rich themes and emotional landscape of these stories.

As soon as I read the play, I was moved and inspired, firstly that the story depicts faith as something beautiful and precious through the lens of a child, and something worth pursuing and recovering in a fresh way, but also the pain and tension that LGBTQ people of faith have historically suffered and continue to face today regarding their own validity and belonging in faith community, even in Ottawa, even in 2017. It’s wonderful that Prodigal Son is a Canadian story, and yet timeless in its themes which can be relevant to any society or religion. As a company that tackles the tough questions and ideas relating to faith, we hadn’t yet presented a story that dove into the super charged topic of sexuality and how it relates to faith. I knew this was the one. I am extremely pleased with the sheer artistry and talent that came on board to tell this story, both the cast and design team. Almost everyone seemed to have some personal stake in the story and passionately wanted to tell it.

We recognize that LGBTQ people of faith are an often overlooked invisibly hurting people in our society, and usually misunderstood in both faith and wider LGBTQ communities due to the historic and ongoing tension of identity related to sexuality and spirituality. We are passionate about telling this story in order to shed light on their struggles and open the discussion to promote understanding in wider social circles. Prodigal Son depicts the often painful journey for LGBTQ people coming from or part of faith communities. Many have abandoned their faith communities or faith itself out of a need for survival or a belief that God or those who represent God are uncomfortable with them or hate them. Sadly, many struggle with mental health or have taken their own lives due to the crippling emotional burden and pain they have had to endure from the loss of community, position, friends, family, identity, livelihood, and hope. Many still thrive and are beacons of resilience, compassion, bravery, and strength, forging forward in their faith and in relationships with others who often would oppose them and even deny them their faith identity or happiness.

It is my hope that you enjoy our non-naturalistic stylized presentation of this emotional story, using the ensemble’s voices, bodies, and collective movement to highlight the themes and entertain you throughout. Each character is complex and human, acting out of their own tradition and understanding. Love is central to the story, a father’s love for the church and tradition, his love for his son with an inability to express it, Peter’s love for God, for his family, and his love for his partner.

There is an enormous gulf and history of hurt between religion and LGBTQ people. It is my hope that Peter’s story brings some hope and healing to those who have been hurt, and that the story of Prodigal Son generates some compassion in the place of judgement that would contribute to what I imagine is only the beginnings of a long and much needed process of reconciliation between religious communities and LGBTQ people.

Creation Business – Media


Director JONATHAN HARRIS and Ensemble Cast member and Dramaturge GEORGE DUTCH discuss the play with RABBI BULKA on “Sunday Night Live With Rabbi Bulka”, July 12, 2015 on 580 CFRA radio. LISTEN TO THE FULL DISCUSSION

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Ivan and Adolf – Media

May 20, 2015 interview segment with Producing Artistic Director JONATHAN HARRIS on 580 CFRA “Late Night Counsell” with John Counsell. LISTEN TO SEGMENT (May 20, 2015 intro of podcast and at time index 20:30)

May 28, 2015 interview segment with actor playing ‘Adolf’ DAVID PLOUFFE and guest discussion panelist RABBI BULKA on CBC radio’s “All In a Day” with host Alan Neal. LISTEN TO SEGMENT

June 4, 2015 review by Allyson Domanski for Newswest On-line. READ REVIEW

Summer 2015 magazine “Power and Influence” by The Hill Times READ ARTICLE

Ivan and Adolf: The Last Man in Hell


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Discussion Series – Media

Message from 9th Hour Theatre Company’s Artistic Director JONATHAN HARRIS introducing the Discussion Series, including both The Screwtape Letters and The Great Divorce. MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR


Check out a segment featuring our summer discussion series (The Great Divorce and The Screwtape Letters) on CFRA 580’s “Late Night Council” on Wednesday, July 23. LISTEN TO THE SEGMENT

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“Powerful, thought-provoking, convicting, inspirational, and entertaining! The ambitious wife, the grieving mother, and especially the staging and performance with the two men and the chain. NYC and London caliber!” (audience comment about The Great Divorce)

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The Great Divorce

The Great Divorce

An adaptation from the novel by C.S. Lewis, the story follows the journey of a soul from a desolate, dark, and ever expanding metropolis, to a magical bus ride then on to a country of transcendent appeal, terrifying spirits radiating with light, and harsh magnificent terrain. The assorted characters (fellow bus passengers along the journey) have difficulty adjusting to their surroundings and coming to terms with their condition, all with diverse experiences and perspectives shaping their varied reactions to such a mysterious place.


The Screwtape Letters

The Screwtape Letters

In this stage adaptation of The Screwtape Letters by C.S Lewisdemons are trained and educated in an academic setting, by the legendary devilish Professor Screwtape to hone their skills in the doctrines of being discouraging, diabolical and deviant with their human patients, all in an effort to undermine “The Enemy”. This humorous and intelligently witty perspective and satirically entertaining spin on reality delves seriously into moral and theological questions about good and evil, temptation, prayer, and grace.


Press Coverage & Reviews

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