About Us

9th Hour Theatre Company is a registered Canadian charity with a purpose to engage theatre and the performing arts to explore, examine, and express questions, ideas, and stories relating to faith. 9th Hour has a focus in ensemble based story telling and specializes in audience engagement with diverse panel discussions about the themes of the stories presented. MORE ABOUT THE COMPANY (awards, media, history)

9th Hour Theatre Company was founded in 2009 by a group of artists and theatre lovers in the Ottawa region of Canada. Together, they shared a common vision to creatively engage theatre in order to explore and express themes of faith and spiritual issues in a respectful and open setting. The premiere production, Telling the Storypresented in June of 2010, was a collective of scenes, dance, and musical numbers showcasing around 60 talented artists from across the national capital region.

The inaugural season in 2011 consisted of three productions (Eyes Upon the Cross, Children’s Letters to God, and The Gifts of the Magi), with the second season in 2012 showcasing four productions (Crime and Punishment, The Secret Garden, My Name Is Asher Lev, and Agnes of God). The 2013 Season was also diverse, consisting of a regional touring show Freud’s Last Sessiona collaborative presentation of Jesus, My Boy with the St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival and an original verbatim theatre piece Grain of Salt in partnership with Faith and Arts Ottawa. The 2014 season was in commemoration of widely celebrated authour C.S. Lewis with four fantastic shows created from some of his most imaginative and theological work. These included both The Magician’s Nephew and a musical of Narnia based on The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe from The Chronicles of Narnia, as well as the ever popular The Screwtape Letters and an original adaptation of The Great Divorce presented in repertoire. The 2015 season consisted of a touring series of staged readings and panel discussions for the philosophical play Ivan and Adolf: The Last Man In Hell and a fresh production of The Creation of the World and Other Business by internationally celebrated playwright Arthur Miller in honour of the 100th anniversary of his birthday.

The Screwtape Letters

In January of 2012, 9th Hour Theatre Company became an official registered Canadian charity, and can therefore now receive tax-deductible donations to help further the vision and accomplish the goals. The company has been and continues to be generously supported with the use of facilities by The Gathering House in Chesterville, Ontario, as well as Ecclesiax in the Glebe of Ottawa.

9th Hour’s specific mandate allows the company to be diverse in its creation and production of artistic works, incorporating dance, music, and other artistic elements in telling the story to a wide range of audiences.

9th Hour is always seeking to develop and grow, offering opportunities in performance, as well as in technical theatre, design, promotion, and theatre administration, for both emerging artists and veteran professionals alike. Affiliation or identification with any faith, religion, or beliefs is not required for working or volunteering with the company. Artists of any experience are encouraged to apply to production at 9th-hour.ca. Anyone interested in volunteering with 9th Hour can contact volunteer at 9th-hour.ca.