The Board of Directors


FLO ALEXANDER (Board of Directors) – Flo came to theatre work later in life and is always happiest as far out of the limelight as possible. After braving a front-of-house opportunity during 9th Hour’s Grain of Salt run, Flo has gained a medley of backstage experience with the 9th Hour team starting in 2014.  From running errands to painting sets to hosting the green room, Flo made behind-the-scene contributions to all of the 2014 productions (The Magician’s Nephew, The Screwtape Letters and The Great Divorce, and the musical Narnia), and added hospitality services to her involvement in 2015 productions (Ivan & Adolf: The Last Man in Hell and The Creation of the World and Other Business). Flo recently won the Rideau award for behind-the-scenes work in professional theatre in the 2017-18 season, which included Prodigal Son and Godspell.

ALEXANDRA BENDER (Board of Directors, Secretary) – Alexandra is a teacher, volunteer, dancer, avid reader and outdoor enthusiast. She is currently working as an occasional teacher with the Ottawa school boards and is volunteering at Family Services Ottawa. She treasured her time studying for an Undergraduate and a Masters degree in Conflict Studies and Human Rights and continues to take courses as a lifelong learner. Alex has spent some time living and working abroad and is always eager to hear stories and perspectives from around the world. Though theatre, dance and literature are some of her favorite things, Alex also loves to hike, bike, swim and camp.

ROB LINKE (Board of Directors, Chair) – Rob has lived in Ottawa since 2006 and has seen most of 9th Hour’s shows since it was founded. He leads a small team of writers and editors who create strategic content for a Crown corporation. He previously spent two decades as a newspaper reporter and editor in Atlantic Canada, culminating in four years as a bureau chief on Parliament Hill. He is an avid hiker, paddler and cyclist — and some day, he’ll get his completed first novel published and start his second.



LAURA BARKLEY (Board of Directors)

CHRYSTAL CANN (Board of Directors Vice-Chair)

NANCY CHASE (Treasurer)

BETSY JOHNSON (Board of Directors Secretary)

PETER LEYENAAR (Board of Directors Chair)

STUART MURRAY (Board of Directors Treasurer)

PAUL RACINE (Board of Directors Vice-Chair)

DANIEL BEZALEL RICHARDSEN (Board of Directors Vice-Chair)

DAVID SHERWIN (Board of Directors Chair)

ED VOPNI (Board of Directors Vice-Chair)