The Vision

To produce diverse works of theatre and performance art for the Canadian public in the national capital region, eastern Ontario, and beyond, using the skills and talents of both veteran professionals and emerging artists alike.

To present both true and fictional stories of faith, hope, love, life, suffering, and redemption; stories that capture imaginations, challenge and inspire hearts and minds, and stories that stimulate discussion and dialogue evoking consideration of faith.

To employ the power of art and story telling in order to communicate ideas and perspectives, to convey and illustrate the beauty and joys of life as well as the pain and sorrows, and to touch the spirit, intellect, and emotions of every audience.

To engage theatre and the performing arts of all kinds to capture and showcase the stories of people, relationships, current affairs, and historical events, and to provide opportunities for others to tell their own story using artistic expression.


Children’s Letters to God (Centrepointe Theatre, SEPTEMBER, 2011)