Eyes Upon the Cross

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A fresh and powerful portrayal of the crucifixion story exploring the raw emotions and conflicting perspectives of those who experienced the life and death of Christ. Presented in a contemporary setting, Eyes Upon the Cross is told through the eyes of close to 30 different characters, whether friends or opponents, believers or critics, those who were there, or who might have been there. Characters range from a temple servant, to a freed criminal; from the outcasts and those who followed Him, to the one who betrayed Him; from the man who tried Him, to the woman who gave Him wine.  




EMILY ASMAR (Wardrobe Manager) | JOANI BARNETT (Scenic Artist) | BRENDA BLANDFORD (Front of House Manager) | JF CHURCH (Sound & Lighting Design) | CLAUDE HACHÉ (Photography) | JONATHAN HARRIS (Director) | SUSAN MARRINER (Graphic Design) | ARIANE ROY (Assistant Director) | CARA SAIBEL (Costume & Set Design) | AMANDA SCOTT (Hair & Make-up Design) | MISHELLE STOTT (Make-up Artist) | DANIEL VOPNI, ED VOPNI (Set Builders) | PATTI VOPNI (Co-Stage Manager, Properties Design) | RACHEL-DAWN WALLACE (Co-Stage Manager)

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The Creation of the World and Other Business

Both entertaining and thought provoking in a carnival-type atmosphere, The Creation of the World and Other Business is presented this season in celebration of the 100th birthday of world renowned playwright, Arthur Miller. Dividing his play into three acts and also “three questions on the human dilemma,” the story begins with a charming and gently humorous retelling of Adam and Eve (and God) in the Garden of Eden. After their expulsion from paradise, Eve gives birth to Cain, watched over by a scheming Lucifer—who seeks to share the power of a God now angered by the errant ways of his creations. In the concluding portion of the play, with mounting dramatic intensity, Cain kills his brother, Abel, and is sent out as a wanderer, as the final dilemma is explored: When everyone wants justice, why do we go on creating injustice? Throughout the action, which alternates scenes of sprightly humor with absorbing confrontations between God and Lucifer and God and his fallible creations, the striking pertinence of the play becomes ever clearer. It is a parable for our time, and all time, rich with philosophic insights and alive with vivid theatricality.

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