The Gifts of the Magi

Listen to the radio promotion for 9th Hour’s production of The Gifts of the Magi.

It is Christmas in New York, but for two young lovers, Jim and Della, the prospects are bleak as both are out of work and penniless. Their dilemma is solved when both part with their most precious possessions in order to buy presents for each other, thereby creating, at least for a magical moment, an aura of warmth and giving in the cold, impersonal winter city. In addition to their story, the play captures the hilarious plight of a cheerful vagrant names Soapy, who wants only to get arrested so he can spend the night in a cozy cell, all gracefully enhances by tuneful songs and neatly tied together narrations from city folk.


November 19 (The Gathering House, Chesterville), November 24 (Pine Grove Bible Church, Gloucester), November 25 (Dominion-Chalmers, Ottawa), November 26 (Southgate Community Church, Kemptville), November 27 (St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, Nepean)




BRENDA BLANDFORD (Seamstress) | DALE COBURN (Assistant Stage Manager) | KATE GOVER (Front of House Co-Manager) | CLAUDE HACHÉ (Photography) | JONATHAN HARRIS (Director) | EVELYN JOST (Hospitality Coordinator) | PETER LEYENAAR (Assistant Producer) | BONNIE MACDIARMID (Rehearsal & Performance Pianist) | SUSAN MARRINER (Graphic Design) | ARIANE ROY (Assistant Director) | DAVE SMITH (Front of House Co-Manager) | AMANDA SCOTT (Make-up Artist) | MISHELLE STOTT (Choreography) | MARK TURCOTTE (Marketing) | CARLO VERDICCHIO (Sound Design) | ED VOPNI (Principal Set Builder) | DANIEL VOPNI, KYRA VOPNI, JULIA VOPNI (Assistant Set Builders) | PATTI VOPNI (Production Design) | RACHEL-DAWN WALLACE (Production Stage Manager)

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