Jesus, My Boy


Jesus, My Boy is a warmly funny and poignant piece of theatre that lets Joseph, the forgotten man of the Christmas story, have his say. John Dowie, the author, is a British stand-up comedian turned playwright, and through his wry eyes, we follow Joseph’s journey from his life as an ordinary carpenter (“how do you make a dovetail joint?”), to meeting Mary (“her first words to me were, ‘call this a table?’”), to the birth of Jesus and the gifts of the Magi (“you couldn’t find a rattle?”), the boy’s childhood and beyond. This is a very human portrait of an ordinary man in extraordinary circumstances which will bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart.


“The script is thick with laughs but there are also moments of genuine poignancy. It’s hard to overvalue the pleasure of gentle humour being warmly delivered on a chilly November evening after a taxing day. Jesus, My Boy was like slipping into a warm bath with a glass of red wine.” ~British Theatre Guide

“A first-rate script… the author’s time on the stand-up comedy circuit – where he developed, performed and fine-tuned Jesus, My Boy – is evident. His jokes are extremely intelligent and insightful, not to mention well timed, wringing laughter from the audience even as tears prick at their eyes.”  ~What’s On

“Achieves the almost impossible feat of giving it a fresh perspective… Joseph shakes off his image of a dutiful but sexless octogenarian and we see instead a man who is warm, funny, vulnerable yet unconditionally loving… not only a joyous and poignant accessibility but relevance many of us thought it had lost forever.” ~Glasgow Herald


REBECCA EAMON (Stage Manager) | IAN FARTHING (Cast – Joseph) | DOREEN TAYLOR-CLAXTON (Cast – Musician)




December 6  – The Gathering House, Chesterville, Ontario

December 7  – St. Alban’s Church, Ottawa, Ontario

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