Based on The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe from The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis, this musical adaptation is fun for the whole family, featuring unforgettable songs and popular characters. The story begins with the land of Narnia frozen in a perpetual winter of darkness and despair, seemingly all under the dominion of the White Witch, Queen Jadis, including the intelligent talking animals once ruled by the great and majestic lion Aslan, King of Narnia. Though Aslan is often absent from the land (so that his very existence is doubted by some), he returns when the need for him is greatest, bringing with him an end to the long winter, and making an ultimate sacrifice of love, culminating in a battle between good and evil. Entering at a moment of high adventure in the story are four children, transported from our world through a magical wardrobe.

Narnia was part of the 2014 Season “Family Series”, presented December 11-21, 2014 in the Centrepointe Studio Theatre, with 9 of the 14 performances being sold out.


KIMBERLY CROSBIE (Choreographer) | GEORGE DUTCH (Dramaturge) | ROBIN GUY (Assistant Director of Music & Blocking) | JONATHAN HARRIS (Director) | MIKE KOSOWAN (Assistant Director of Puppetry) | SUSAN MARRINER (Graphic Designer) | SARAH NIEMAN (Properties Designer) | ANDREW PALANGIO (Sound Designer) | CAROL SINCLAIR (Hair & Make-up Designer) | GRACE SOLMAN (Costume Designer, Puppet Designer) | JOHN SOLMAN (Lighting Designer) | ANDREA STEINWAND (Set Designer) | TREVOR WILSON (Musical Conductor)


FLO ALEXANDER (Production Assistant, Costume Assistant) | KATHY ARNOLD (Production Photographer) | LAURA BARKLEY (Stage Manager) | CHRYSTAL CANN (Associate Producer) | JONATHAN HARRIS (Producing Artistic Director) | BETSY JOHNSON (Front of House Manager) | EVELYN JOST (Hospitality Coordinator) | CYRENA MATHESON (Second Assistant Stage Manager) | LOGAN MILLER (Publicity Manager) | SARAH NIEMAN (Second Assistant Stage Manager) | ANDREW PALANGIO (Assistant Stage Manager) | STEPHANIE READ (Set & Properties Assistant) | AIDAN SHENKMAN (Rehearsal Pianist) | JOHN SOLMAN (Technical Director) | IAN STEWART (Scenic Carpenter) | RACHEL-DAWN WALLACE (Production Manager)


SUZANNE AMEY (Narnian) | KEVIN ANDERSON (Narnian) | EWURA-ABENA BOURNE (Narnian) | CONOR BRADSHAW (Narnian) | ELIZABETH CHANT (Dwarf) | TOM CHARLEBOIS (Professor Digory, Mr. Beaver) | DALE COBURN (Mr. Tumnus, Narnian) | TANNER FLINN (Peter Pevensie) | ANNE HAMELS (Narnian) | MIKE HEFFERNAN (Voice of Aslan, Father Christmas) | ROBIN HODGE (Fenris Ulf) | GABRIELLE LALONDE (White Witch) | AMANDA LECLAIRE (White Stag) | ELLEN MANCHEE (Puppeteer) | ALEXIS SCOTT (Narnian) | CLARA SILCOFF (Lucy Pevensie) | DARCY SMITH (Puppeteer) | MAUREEN SPEER (Mrs. Mcready, Mrs. Beaver) | HEIDI SPICER (Puppeteer, Narnian) | SARAH STAPLETON (Susan Pevensie) | NICHOLAS SURGES (Edmund Pevensie) | JEANNE WEGNER (Narnian)


JOEL HOUGHTBY (Percussion) | MELISSA JEROME (Soprano Saxophone) | HEIDI JOST (Flute) | MIKE MULLIN (Clarinet) | MARTAIN PEARSON (Acoustic Bass) | BEVERLEY ROBINSON (Flute) | AIDAN SHENKMAN (Keyboard)


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