The Magician’s Nephew


The Magician’s Nephew is the first of seven stories in The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. It is the tale about a boy named Digory and his friend Polly who are tricked by his whimsical Uncle Andrew into embarking on a series of magical adventures. They are brought into other worlds where they encounter the selfish Queen Jadis from an enchanted declining land, and the powerful lion Aslan from the newly created Narnia. Can Digory complete the task he’s given by Aslan to ensure the safety of Narnia and the restored health of his dying mother?


Check out the article from ChristianWeek newspaper written by Craig McArtney: READ ARTICLE HERE

Listen to the interview with some members of the cast on CBC Radio’s “All In A Day” on March 11, 2014: LISTEN HERE

Read the ON STAGE OTTAWA REVIEW by Valerie Cardinal.   |   Read the APARTMENT 613 REVIEW | Read the review by Alexandra Milman (age 12) of NEW OTTAWA CRITICS


ELIZABETH CHANT (Properties Designer) | GEORGE DUTCH (Dramaturge) | JONATHAN HARRIS (Artistic Director) | MIKE KOSOWAN (Assistant Director / Stage Director) | SUSAN MARRINER (Graphic Designer) | MARGARET SMITH (Composer, Musical Director) | GRACE SOLMAN (Puppet Designer) | JOHN SOLMAN (Lighting Designer) | EMILY SOUSSANA (Set Designer) | MISHELLE STOTT (Costume Designer, Hair & Make-up Designer) 

GABRIELLE LAZAROVITZ & JANET RICE in "The Magician's Nephew" (2014)


SIAMAK ABRISHAMI (Production Photographer) | KYLE AHLUWALIA (Technical Director) | FLO ALEXANDER (Production Assistant) | CAROLYN BARRETT BARNES (Set Builder) | CHRYSTAL CANN (Associate Producer) | ELIZABETH CHANT (Assistant Stage Manager) | DIANNE DROOGH (Hair & Make-up Artist) | JONATHAN HARRIS (Executive Producer) EVELYN JOST (Hospitality Coordinator) | LOGAN MILLER (Stage Manager) | SARAH NIEMAN (Assistant Stage Manager) | RACHEL-DAWN WALLACE (Production Manager)


NICHOLAS AMOTT (Narnia Monkey) | CAROLINE BALDWIN (Narnia Bird) | DARREN EMERY (Digory) | GABRIELLE LAZAROVITZ (Queen Jadis) | JEFF LEFEBVRE (Narnia Bear) | MARTAIN PEARSON (Cello) | JANET RICE (Aunt Letty) | BEKAH SHIREY (Narnia Rabbit) | MARGARET SMITH (Keyboard) | SARAH STAPLETON (Polly) | KEN TUCKER (Aslan) | PAUL WASHER (Uncle Andrew)


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This Christmas, 9th Hour Theatre Company brings back the “deep magic” of Narnia to the Ottawa stage with the beloved characters and timeless story by C.S. Lewis.

9th Hour is seeking two Stage Hands for this production. Candidates interested will need to be organized, communicative, reliable, adaptive, and capable of working efficiently within a team. Below is the fully detailed production call, including important dates, description of the position, compensation, and how to apply.

The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe – PRODUCTION CALL

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