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Discussions dedicated to exploring faith, spirituality, arts and culture.


In this six-part series released in the fall of 2023, we thought it would be interesting to discuss The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in more detail to not only deepen and enrich yours and our understanding of this favourite story, but for the sheer pleasure of it. We also thought you’d enjoy getting an insider’s look at many of the artistic and production decisions that 9th Hour makes in putting together this spectacular show. So, grab a drink and a favourite snack (maybe some Turkish Delight), and settle in for a stimulating ride into the wardrobe and into the world of theatre magic.

This podcast series is recorded at Bare Bones Studio in Ottawa.


Joined by guests George Dutch, Erica O'Reilly, and Ian McMullen, we discuss the story and context, and address the questions: What is the plot line?  Who is the author?  What is his background? Why did he write it? What is 9th Hour’s history with the story?

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