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Original Work About "Beauty" Restoring Hope

In September, through the invited previews which showcased the development of our original artistic work and in connection to it’s overarching theme of the importance of transmitting beauty, wonder, and joy to the next generation, we wanted to bring awareness to the increasingly important issue of the mental health, well being, and flourishing of the children and youth in our society.

9th Hour wanted to highlight a local charity that has worked without ceasing over the past year and half to make a difference in the lives of young people who need hope. Restoring Hope Ministries operates in the downtown of our nation’s capital. Their mission is “to love and serve the youth and young adults in the Ottawa area who are experiencing homelessness, are marginalized and/or are exploited.” They do this by “providing physical, spiritual, emotional and mental support and address specific problems faced by these youth so that they may discover their talents, their potential and their worth.”

Through the invited development previews of a brand new artistic work in September, we were able to raise over $1,000 for Restoring Hope. We're thrilled that we were able to increase the funding to this important local charity.

The development of the brand new work this past summer featured an ensemble cast playing multiple characters, consisting of GEORGE DUTCH (also Dramaturge), GABRIELLA GADSBY (also Movement Director), JOHANNE BOISVENU-HENRY, SHARON DICKSON, ARYA LANDERS, PAUL WASHER, MICHAEL KOSOWAN, and PETER GRAVES. Costume Design was by RUTH ALLISON with music by MARTAIN PEARSON on flute, drum, violin, and cello.

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