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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2023)

Aslan's on the move!

dates. December 14-17, 2023

venue. Shenkman Arts Centre, Ottawa (Orleans), Canada

dates. December 19-23, 2023

venue. Meridian Theatres at Centrepointe, Ottawa (Nepean), Canada

“Safe?... don’t you hear what Mrs. Beaver tells you? Who said anything about safe? ‘Course he isn’t safe. But he’s good. He’s the King, I tell you.” By popular demand, 9th Hour Theatre Company brings back the Deep Magic of Narnia to the Ottawa stage once again with the beloved characters and timeless story by C.S. Lewis. Rediscover the magic of Narnia this Christmas through the magic of theatre with this classic tale of good and evil, talking animals, the bravery of children, and a sacrifice of love.

Check out a review of our production by Rachel Feddema called Waiting for Aslan.

The story centers around four children who for much of the story are navigating the cold winter of Narnia (not unlike Ottawa). The Snowsuit Fund is an Ottawa-based charity that for over 40 years has raised funds for the purchase and distribution of new, quality made snowsuits to children in the community.


Thanks to the generosity of our patrons, we are pleased to have raised over $5,500 for The Snowsuit Fund of Ottawa through performances.


ANDREA STEINWAND (Set designer) | DALENE GALLO (Make-up & Hair Consultant) | DON DOUGLAS (Lighting Designer)| ERICA O’REILLY (Assistant Director of Music & Staging) | GEORGE DUTCH (Assistant Director of Dramaturgy & Staging) | GRACE SOLMAN (2014 Puppet Designer) | JONATHAN HARRIS (Artistic Director, Ensemble & Movement Director) | KAT WONG (2018 Sound Designer) | MARGARET SMITH (Composer) | MICHAEL KOSOWAN (Puppetry Consultant) | RUTH ALLISON (Costume Designer) | SCHROEDER NORDHOLT (Music Vocals Consultant) | SHANNA JACKLIN (Make-up & Hair Designer) | SHAUNA AKKERMANS (Assistant Director of Puppetry & Staging) | TERESA SEASONS (2018 Properties Designer)


ANA CLARA BOUFFARD LIMA (Assistant Stage Manager, Fight Choreography, Props Re-Design) | ASHLEY BARSTEAD (Publicity Manager) | DON DOUGLAS (Technical Director) | ESTHER SANGALLI (Managing Director) | EVELYN JOST (Hospitality Assistant) | FLO ALEXANDER (Hospitality Coordinator) | FRED BARBER (Transportation Coordinator) | JACOB SEGRETO (Production Assistant) | JOHN COOK (Associate Producer) | JONATHAN HARRIS (Producing Artistic Director) | LAURA BARKLEY (Backstage Manager) | LOGAN SWEENEY (Assistant Stage Manager) | SEBASTIAN TRINDADE RIBEIRO (Production Photographer) | SHANNON AU (Assistant Stage Manager, Props & Costume Coordination) | SHAUNA AKKERMANS (Stage Manager) | SUSAN MARRINER (Graphics Designer) | TAMMY TOUHEY (Wardrobe Assistant) | TINA SEGRETO (Production Manager, Front-of-House Manager) | WILL STEVENS & CHRI RADIO (Voice Recording)


ADÈLE LAMOUREUX (Lucy Pevensie) | ALEXANDRIA POSKUS (Mrs. Beaver) | ASHLEY GILLARD (a Unicorn) | AUBRY BALCOM  (an Elf, an Owl) | COLIN SWEENEY (Edmund Pevensie) | COLLEEN PIGEON (a Wolf, a Hag) | CONNOR IBACH  (a Centaur) | CONNOR ROZON (an Elf, a Fox)| IAN MCMULLEN (Mr. Tumnus, a Ghoul) | JAQUI CADIEUX  (Aslan Puppeteer, a Reindeer) | JEREMIE HUOT  (Mr. Beaver) | KAREN LEMIEUX  (a Wolf, a Hag) | KELTIE NEWMARCH  (Aslan Puppeteer, a Reindeer) | LAVINIA SALINAS (Fenris Ulf, a Hag) | LOBBAN ERWIN (Peter Pevensie) | LOGAN SWEENEY (Aslan Puppeteer) | MELINA KOVACHEFF  (Susan Pevensie) | MELODI UYGUR (The White Witch) | PETER GRAVES  (Voice of Aslan) | RUE MILLS (an Elf, a Mouse) | SANJIV KALRA (Father Christmas, a Ghoul) | VANESSA PAUZÉ (The Dwarf)

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