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date. March, 2020

venue. Meridian Theatres at Centrepointe

credits. Josh MacDonald


It’s a double-double of miracle and mayhem, money-making and media, when Jesus’s face appears at a Tim Hortons in small-town Nova Scotia. In this hit comic drama inspired by real events, the locals face questions about what to believe, about honesty, and about forgiveness. With wickedly entertaining wit, these folks wrestle with life’s lessons of family, faith and friendship.

“Halo is theatre at it’s very best. There is not a false note in this high-wire act of comedy and tragedy with beautifully written believable characters…” ~The Chronicle Herald


“Canadian playwright Josh MacDonald’s warmhearted Halo finds its way to genuine moments of human reconciliation and acceptance.” ~Los Angeles Times


“[Halo is] a slick and confident combination of comedy and serious drama… beguiling, infectious, appealing, philosophical, and buoyant.” ~U. of T. Quarterly

Check out a review in Convivium written by Rachel Feddema called Doubting the Double-Double Messiah.


RUTH ALLISON (Costume Designer) | GEORGE DUTCH (Dramaturge) | DALENE GALLO (Make-up Designer) | JONATHAN HARRIS (Director) | SHANE LOVE (Properties Designer, Scenic Artist) | CAM MACDONALD (Lighting Designer) | SUSAN MARRINER (Graphics Designer) | IAN MCMULLEN (Assistant Director) | KATHRYN PATRICIA (Composer) | REBECCA RUSSELL (Vocals Director) | TANYA SYLVESTER (Lead Make-up Artist)


KATIE ADELSON (Publicity Manager) | FLO ALEXANDER (Production & Hospitality Coordinator) | ALEXANDRA BENDER (Community Engagement Director) | KEN CLEARY (Technical Director) | SHARON DICKSON (Stage Manager) | JONATHAN HARRIS (Producing Artistic Director) | J HOPKINS (Assistant Stage Manager) | ROB LINKE (Managing & Communications Director) | JITH PAUL (Production Photographer & Videographer) | SHARON ROURKE (Production Assistant, Hospitality) | MORGAN ROY (Production Apprentice) | KEVIN SCHAFER (Sound Designer) | LEAH SEABROOK (Hospitality) | JACOB SEGRETO (Production Apprentice) | TINA SEGRETO (Front of House Manager, Events Coordinator)


GEORGE DUTCH (‘Donald McMullen’) | MICHAEL KOSOWAN (Various) | NICHOLAS MAILLET (‘Jansen Block’) | CATHY NOBLEMAN (Various) | KATHRYN PATRICIA (Viola) | CARLEY LYN RICHARDS (‘Casey Quinn’) | REBECCA RUSSELL (‘Lizzie McMullen’) | KURT SHANTZ (‘Father J.J.’)

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