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Exploring & Expressing Hurt & Hope

Meet Erica O'Reilly, one of the facilitators of our theatre workshop 'Coming Out of Crisis'.

As a spiritual counsellor, ordained minister (through the Sacred Stream Foundation; in Berkeley, California), and sacred storyteller, Erica's heart and soul centred work is grounded in creating sacred spaces where souls feel seen and heard. She believes in the embodied healing power of the human body and spirit; and that there is powerful medicine in storytelling.

Learn more about Erica and her passion and practice. Website: | Instagram: @alight.wellness | Facebook: Alight Wellness & Services

We asked Erica a few questions about her role in the 'Coming Out of Crisis' workshop, and here's what she said:

How do you believe a workshop like this can help someone process their experiences over the past few years?

How do you believe theatre or the power of storytelling can help explore and express complex emotions?

How do you believe physical ensemble theatre can help someone connect their body, mind, and soul?

Join a community of artists and others who will listen to and validate your story through theatre practices. No experience in theatre is necessary. All are welcome. Contact

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