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Telling The Story With Us This Season

Beauty is Essential.

Support Artistic Creation. Invest in People. Give to Community.

Art and theatre is important to any society, in raising questions, challenging the status quo, reminding us of what's beautiful, connecting us to life's purpose, and exploring what some would consider uncomfortable subject matter. Art is indeed vital to the thriving of any culture. After over a decade of theatre, 9th Hour has a proven track record and strong history of tackling the big ideas in society and culture through the magic of theatre and art of storytelling. We are excited to share with you what's next for us as a company. Please consider investing in our vision by making a generous tax deductible donation toward our 2022 season plans.

"I have loved 9th Hour’s productions for the same reason I love allegory: they’re a starting point for talking about potentially divisive matters..." (Convivium)

We spent the summer and fall of 2021 further developing a brand new original artistic work, which culminated in 4 previews to 125 invited guests at an incredible outdoor venue. The play continues to be further revised and developed with an original music score. 9th Hour plans to present the world premiere of this new work in the 2022 season. As a companion piece, the company plans to present a fresh take on the classic well known tale of The Hunchback of Notre Dame which was originally scheduled as part of the tenth anniversary season in the summer of 2020. Through these stories, we plan on facilitating panel discussions about the themes and questions they raise, as well as awareness and funds for other local charities as we've done often in the past.

“What is good about 9th Hour Theatre Company is their unflinching courage to tackle bold and often sensitive subjects… their consistently challenging and artistic story telling that manages to hold up a mirror to its audience, no matter the topic…” (Capital Critics Circle)

To accomplish all this, we need your help. Like most established theatre companies in Canada, 9th Hour generates less than half of the necessary revenue to produce theatre from ticket sales. As a not-for-profit organization, we are grateful for strong community support, and the generosity of talented artists, volunteers, and patrons, whose dedication allows us to reduce our costs significantly. 9th Hour has a track record of producing theatre of recognized excellence without incurring debt or receiving any government funding. We would welcome your generous contribution toward our goal of raising $15,000 for the 2022 season.

“The 9th Hour gang specialize in shows with a religion or faith-based theme, which I freely admit sometimes gives my dully agnostic brain some aches and pains, but usually in a good way." (The Visitorium)

Consider becoming a regular monthly supporter of 9th Hour to help with long term growth and sustainability, or partner with us in producing the 2022 season with a donation of $150, $500, $1,500 (Associate Producer), or even $5,000 (Executive Producer). Donations can be made by cheque or conveniently online through Canada Helps. 9th Hour Theatre Company is a registered Canadian charity, which means tax receipts can be issued for all donations.

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